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Quantum Computers will Solve Chess for Good

Alpha Zero famously stole all the headlines regarding chess machine intelligence. However Quantum computers represent the most serious attempt to solve chess outright once and for all. Unlike Alpha Zero which is a glorified brute force machine on super fast hardware masquerading as super intelligence. Quantum Chess Machines are ultimate brute force machines.

Quantum devices (QD) such as Quantum Chess Machines can be set in two states 0 and 1 and crucially in 0:1 third state when in "superposition". This can form one Qubit. For a Quantum Chess Machine (QCM) can have 64 Qubits. The optimal quantum state is when the there is superposition of part or all of the QCM. The design discussed is asynchronous but quantum event sequential.

The QCM can have 64 Qubit gates each with 33 nodes in sequence of N Quantum network. This will allow the QCM to hold all the possible positions of any chess game using a quantum bit board (QBB). When all the Qubits have registered a state the entire QBB can be read with no reliance on the casual order. However we do require a logic sequential progression of Gate Networks.

This will then allow the logic string of all games of N moves to be solved by expressing all the possible legal moves with on Qubit difference between each Gate Network.

The input information will be the number of moves depth and the intial states of the first Qubit Gate Network. The output will be the end state of the Quantum Gate Networks after N-1 steps.

A Quantum tablebase could then hold all finite Quantum Gate Network outputs given the initial starting position.

This will allow perfect play of the Quantum Chess Machine from the standard starting position or any other position in a lower node for N-1 moves.

This type of quantum brute force approach does diverge significantly from all the focus on Chess an analogous domain for solving AI. We are not doing AI we are solving Chess.

Ironically, this QCM might give us a greater appreciation of what a truly AI system that will so desperately seek. Being able to map all possible states of any reality and run an algorithm does not give you AI. What gives you AI is mapping relevant states of your reality but mapping at a  quantum level the algorithmic state networks you want to map on those relevant states of your reality.

Welcome to the Quantum Chess future!

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