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FIDE Promote Chess by Under-promotion with an Inappropriate Logo

FIDE have screwed up again this time with their choice of logo for the august occasion of the World Chess Championships 2018. The logo depicts a copulating duo playing what looks like a game of twister on a chessboard with their arms. 

Now for any other professional sports governing body, this would have spelled disaster and unrecoverable loss of reputation and prestige. However, in the world of chess, an under-promoted smug self-indulgent sport the notoriety of this creepy logo actually increased the profile of the chess event and almost trended on Twitter. Well come on let's get a grip, chess isn't going to trend on twitter for anything to do with chess now is it? How hard could it have been for FIDE's partner in crime, World Chess whose job it is to host and market the world chess championships and Grand Prix events to remain in respectable anonymity and avoid ignominy and derision? We commission 8 logos that would have kept chess off the world's headlines and not courted controversy and outrage. Tell us what you think on a postcard.  

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