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Brexit Chess Match: EU vs UK

The United Kingdom is ensconced in a frightfully complicated chess match with the European Union, a series of talks in which an indefinite number of agreements must be agreed and signed on the shape of the UK's future relationship with the EU. It is a zero-sum game now as the UK has decided to declare it will leave the single market and customs union, a move which has considerably lessened the options for getting a decent negotiating position.

Anyway, it is the determination of MSM to use chess analogies as badly that has caught my interest. Some of my favourites.

"The UK and EU are stalemated"

"The EU is locked in a 26-dimensional chess game with the UK over Brexit"

"European citizens resident in the UK are pawns in a chess game"

"An opening gambit by David Davis in the Brexit talks was to cede ground over the timing of divorce talks with the EU. A poor move."

I don't think any of these commentators will be winning Grandmaster norms in originality.

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