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Chess Summer in the Winter: Ding Liren Just Created Art on the Chessboard

I had just been doing a movie montage tribute to John Hughes movies for Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy and the rest of the Breakfast Club. Don't ask. I sent it off to them and was quietly proud of the result, I had used the Kid Ink and Omarion retro 80's electro-pop hip-hop anthem. And I thought that this would make a great soundtrack for chess video. I have quite a rep for such videos

I was thinking of logging off, nothing was happening much, European Team Champs in Crete, the usual suspects doing the usual things on the board. TCEC super Season 10, ACF Botvinnik Memorial, Karpov Trophy and the Chinese League were simmering but nothing special. Then I got hit up by a tweet saying Ding Liren had done something special. I clicked on the link and things get hazy from then on.

I remember swearing profusely and crying quiet tears of joy but mostly it's a blur. The moves of the game were like strokes of the brush of some Monet painting, It left a huge impression. I can't recall seeing a game had everything like this game has everything. Take all the last immortal games of the last 500 years and put them into one game and you'll be approaching the significance of this game. This game makes Summer in the Winter. Summer rain of gold coins on the board.

I hit up my friend Antonio, known to many as Agadmator, the chess YouTube sensation, asking if he had seen the game by Ding Liren. He was like, I'm recording my analysis right now bro. And here it is. Courtesy of Agadmator.

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